For Virgo

Virgo #6

SUN in Virgo ☀

(August 23rd to September 22nd, 2022)

The CEO of Planet Earth!

You can organize anything! Efficiency, good health, and a brilliant performance of your duties mark the methodicalness of your Virgo Sun. Your excellent attention to detail and sharp focus makes you a talented and expert craftsman, a physician or a technician.

Virgo is a Mutable-Earth sign. Mutable means you are a counselor and mediator. You stick to the facts and can therefore be objective and fair. As an earth sign (along with Capricorn and Taurus), you are grounded in practicality and common sense. Both of those qualities together are why you’re called the “CEO” of Planet Earth!

Your ruling planet is Messenger Mercury, the god of communications. One archetypal image of Mercury can be seen on the side of FTD Florist delivery trucks. The guy with wings on his feet and on his helmet— he always delivers! 

Like Mercury, you deliver the goods! And you’re rarely at a loss for words. You’re a skilled communicator, especially when details or technical data is involved.


The mystical guide for the Virgo clan is the elephant

Symbolically the elephant is an icon of strength, honor, stability and patience–intent on bulldozing obstacles on your path. Riding an elephant suggests you are the leader of the family, and others are heavily dependent on you.

Elephants are a symbol of responsibility because it takes great care and responsibility for its offspring, as well as the elders. Full of immense determination and loyalty, you stand up for others and defend members of the group.

You’re grounded and in touch with Mother Earth as a source of healing remedies. As a Virgo, you are known for being an intelligent, industrious worker. It is through your service to others that you harvest the wisdom from your life experiences. 


Clean sheets & showers are sexy?

Yep. You have a reputation for neatness, which can border on obsession, and  cause nervousness about orderliness and health. Your zodiac symbol, the virgin, signifies that your high standards can override your attraction to love’s adventures. Add a lightheartedness to your romances, lest you decide no one is good enough (including yourself!). 

Surrender to the messiness of an intimate relationship! Yes, sex in the shower (or right after) is your sensuous bottom line— in a perfect world. Which this is not! Lower your way-too-high expectations. Let love surprise you. You know how ripe and juicy you are on the inside!

It’s good enough!

Caution–you can get consumed with worry over meaningless trivia. 

Because proofreading is a genius skill for you, you can quickly find the mistake in anything. In anyone. No flaw escapes your discerning eye.

Another way to describe that is “picky.” This is what gets you in trouble with romance. What could be a bigger turn off for the blush of new (or old) lover than to point out his flaws? His many flaws.

You don’t mean to be insulting. You simply think it’s helpful to tell him what’s wrong—with him. Afterall, then he can correct his mistakes!

But you’re not just picky about partners.

Driven by Perfection

“No Junk!” Virgo rules the digestive system. It’s why Virgos eat for health. Taste is secondary. The term “Health Nut” was coined for Virgos! If a Virgo ignores nutrition and/or loses control of her diet/weight, there can be extreme physiological consequences. Like ulcers!

Perfectionism is both a curse and a blessing for all Virgos. On the one hand, you take your jobs too seriously and tend to overwork. However, you know on a spiritual level that perfection is possible, and it’s that vision that inspires your drive for perfection. And, it is the key to your healing abilities. You can be an exceptional diagnostician.

Caution: Microscopic analysis occasionally causes you to have tunnel vision, so keep your eyes on the horizon. Step back on occasion and get a higher perspective that looks past the day to day grind. 

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is the pursuit of excellence. And the ability to see the perfection in all living things. You’re a natural healer who loves to be of service to others.

Mother Earth is a Virgo

Virgo birthdays occur at harvest time. You are a gatherer of the fruits of the material world which you will put to practical use.  

The goddess Demeter is an archetype for you. She is the muse for Healers, Doulas, and Mothers due to her natural fertility. In mythology Demeter caused the land to be fertile and the crops to produce a bounty of food. She is steadfast and dependable. This goddess oversees the  harvesting of the fruits of your labors. Unless…

Unless someone thwarts her plans!

The dark side of the Demeter archetype is worry. Especially about your children and/or anyone dependent on you for their welfare. When Demeter’s daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades, and taken to be Queen of the Underworld, Demeter’s grief was inconsolable.

All the crops died, the fruits fell to rot and nothing would grow— a cold winter of famine overtook the world. It was only after Zeus made a deal with Hades to return Persephone to her mother for half the year that the crops grew again. This is the mythology of why we have seasons of winter and spring. In winter, Persephone returns to Hades. And in spring she returns to her mother, Demeter.

 6th House ushers in the fall equinox

Virgo rules the 6th house of the 12-house zodiac. It’s the time and place of reaping the rewards (the harvest) of the evolutionary work you’ve done in the previous 5 houses— since the first day of spring, March 20th. Virgo finishes up the work of inner preparation.

You know who you are and what your talents and challenges are in this lifetime. The next house, the 7th house of Libra, is where you’ll offer your harvested wisdom and gifts to others and to a special partner.   

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