For Cancer

Cancer #4

SUN in Cancer ☀

(June 22nd to July 22nd, 2022)

Sweet Summertime

The Cancer Sun ushers in the Summer Solstice—the season of blossoming. The longest sunny days and shortest quiet nights.

It’s your destiny to have the fruits of your labors grow into their fullness and be of great value to many.

What you nurture will be the food for the flowering of your creativity, which you will use for the blessing and benefit of others.

It’s Raining Feelings!

Big sensitive ones–even if you don’t show them to others (remember the crab’s hard shell?).

Ruled by the Moon, your moods are variable and reversible, ebbing and flowing, changing from quiet introversion to bubbly extraversion.

It’s easy for you to feel like others are stepping on your most sensitive toe. Deeply sensitive, just like the watery crab, you withdraw in defensive resistance when you feel insecure or uncomfortable.

However you may be too much of an expert at keeping your true feelings hidden behind a closed door. Hidden even from your own self!

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Moonpies

“Home sweet lavish home” is Cancer’s nurturing motto.

You’re a natural homebody and lover of family—instinctually driven to protect and nurture those you love. Both men and women with this sign are usually very good cooks, expert chefs, and enjoy feeding and nurturing others.

A natural leader, you can be quite successful in the outer world, but you must balance that with your strong need to be with your partner and family.

No Public Displays of Affection

You may not wear your heart on your sleeve, but that’s because it’s too big to fit!

Your caution is not about secrecy—it’s a gift for having discernment and appropriate boundaries. Privacy is essential to your comfort zone. You don’t show your emotions easily. Conditions must be right. You must feel safe.

Vulnerability is your least favorite word and feeling! That’s why you love how useful it is to have a hard outer shell. You get to choose when to come out. 

You Love by the Light of the Moon

And like the tides, you’re pulled into the silver limelight of the Moon. As romantic and mystical as the Moonlight shimmering on the water.

When you decide to declare your love for someone, you’ve taken your emotional temperature and know it’s just right. You require trust and you prefer privacy in a relationship before you’ll say what you really feel.

In Every Way A First Responder

Cancer is a water sign symbolized by the crab who carries his house on his back! A handy way to live life for a Cancer Sun sign. Like the crab, you have built in protections against predators.

You definitely have strong leadership abilities, often in a somewhat parental and  truly helpful way. You’re the “boss” and everyone knows it although you’d never dominate or put others in a subservient role.

You’re a natural First Responder. You enjoy helping others and you’re very efficient and effective when doing so.

  • Sympathetic
  • Kind
  • Protective
  • Cautious

And, you can be masterful at sidestepping questions that are too direct or probing. Others may think you’re hard to get to know because of this. You don’t mean to be secretive, you’re just protecting your vulnerability.

Always Trust Your Gut

You’ve got a genius Emotional IQ! You have uncanny instincts for sensing what is needed in any situation.

You have a marvelously fertile imagination!

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