For Libra

Libra #7

SUN in Libra☀

(September 23rd to October 23rd, 2022)

Peace, please!

Your Libra Sun sign has Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, as its muse. The quest for harmony and balance in all your relationships have prime time in your Libra mind. You’re happiest when you’re in a committed partnership, either in romance or business.

Unfortunately, this Libran desire for peace is so strong that you’ll avoid conflict by bending over backwards to please someone. Then you’re off balance and so is the relationship. It’s a lose lose. Keeping the peace at any price to yourself is not sustainable. Your scales of justice tip over. Being unjust to yourself is a hidden dragon that you must slay. Otherwise it can undermine your relationship and tarnish your charming grace.

Your archetypal cosmic lover is the warrior, Mars. Venus and Mars are in a passionate but not committed relationship. You, ruled by Venus, want loving cooperation and considerate diplomacy in all your communications. You can see why the god of war is an exciting lover but leaves your deeper needs unmet—and he’s forever marching off to war! Mars is all about meeting his needs first, then perhaps paying attention to yours.

You’re built for grace, not speed.

Known for your good taste, elegance and charm, you’re a born diplomat and make an excellent counselor—especially in matters of the heart. You gather lots of experiences in the infamous balancing act between His-needs Her-needs. But this tilting of the scales will wear on your sweet disposition—then your strong leadership skills come into play as you raise your voice to say, “enough!”

People won’t see this coming! Which is why you’ve earned the reputation as a velvet glove  covering an iron fist. 

Interior and Exterior Designer

Beautiful surroundings contribute to your peace of mind, and conversely you do not function well in a discordant environment. Which, along with your natural gravitation toward beauty and art, make you an excellent designer of spaces as well as clothing. Of course you are highly creative. If you find yourself in the fine arts, an earth sign planet must also be present to keep you grounded enough to make it a career. You seek harmony, beauty and balance in all things, including the art you create.


“On the other hand…” is your mental mechanism for making decisions. You are a master at weighing both sides of any issue, making it appear that you’re indecisive. Actually, you’re just looking for the fairest outcome in the land.

A close friend might figure out that when a quick decision is needed, the best way to interrupt your constant balancing act is to try to  tell you what to do! Your lovely hairs bristle when someone else tries to make up your mind for you. The result is good for both of you—you’ll instantly decide on what you want to do!

A natural peace-maker, you enjoy using your skilled diplomacy to find justice in any situation—unless the conflict gets ugly, then you’re out.

The Sun begins his stay in Libra at the Autumn Equinox, when there is an equal balance of day and night, of light and darkness. Perfect balance! The Libra dream come true!

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