For Scorpio

Scorpio #8

SUN in Scorpio☀

(October 24th to November 21st, 2022)

With your Sun in Scorpio you wield enormous power through your keenly penetrating sight and personal magnetism.

Issues of sexuality, death and rebirth,and transformation–all the deepest mysteries of life–are your domain.

Intense desires, and tremendous emotional force power the way you interact with others– particularly in romance.

  • Magnetic
  • Mystical
  • Mysterious

You are never superficial. And nobody keeps a secret better than you do!

Scorpio is the sign of the quintessential sleuth. You’re like the detective who stops at nothing until you get to the bottom line.

You swim in very deep, sometimes icy, emotional waters. You can be quite reserved, and your true feelings cannot be seen by others. They must wait for you to tell them.

Like Lady Gaga

You have a built-in “poker face” that serves you well as a master of mysteries. As Lady Gaga says…

“Love game intuition, play the cards with spades to start

And after he’s been hooked, I’ll play the one that’s on his heart”

When you decide to express your ideas, it is with a penetrating truthfulness. You have a gift for being attentive to the subtlest of clues.

Night Vision

You possess a potent resourcefulness for understanding both the light and the dark in human nature. With a mystical understanding of death and rebirth, you plumb the depths of existence.

Pluto, the mythological lord of the underworld, is the “muse” for Scorpio, therefore you are at home in the mystical realms of the unconscious mind.

Scorpio is a water sign, indicating the holding in of emotions. Scorpio functions as a fixed Guardian of mystical knowledge.

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