For Pisces

Pisces #12

SUN in Pisces ☀

(February 19th to March 20th, 2022)

Beautiful Dreamer

With your Sun in the oceanic waters of Pisces, you have a deep compassion and empathic responsiveness to the feelings of others. It’s as if you are naturally tuned to the music of the spheres, which makes you one of the world’s poets, musicians, and beautiful dreamers.

Pisces rules the feet, giving you a natural talent and love of dancing. However, you have to overcome your innate shyness! Remember all great performers have stage fright. It’s the feeling of “I’m not ready yet.” Good friends will give you a nudge and a push!

Gift of Clairvoyance

Your emotions and intuition reach into the far tributaries of the collective consciousness. This is a great gift of clairvoyance, clear seeing into the recesses of the unconscious mind.

Your exquisite antenna make you something of a psychic sponge, absorbing the vibes around you whether you consciously intend to or not. Fear is not an emotion that you manage well. You tend to go from fear to terror in a split second.

Your intuitive reach is as boundless as the ocean’s waters. This makes for difficulties as you sometimes cannot discern your feelings from those of another.

Secret Mystical Depths

As the chameleon of the zodiac, you are a talented actor and versatile thinker. Pisces is a water sign, concerned with subtle emotions and secret mystical depths of consciousness.

You can be moody and introspective because just below the level of consciousness you carry a vague sense that you are not at home in this world. More than any of the twelve zodiac signs, you feel like an alien, exiled from  your true home.

Visionary Neptune is Your Muse

You’re under the influence of visionary Neptune, god of the sea and symbol of the collective consciousness–the celestial rhizome where akashic records of all births and deaths are stored. To be tapped into for the material of a soul’s next birth.

This gives you a psychic sensitivity to the whole of human suffering, creating in you an other-worldly kindness and tenderness.

You’d prefer to drift on calm waters rather than struggle to fight for your own rights. It’s a fine line between sympathy for another’s pain and giving your own needs away in order to serve them. People who are downtrodden, often through no fault of their own.

You’re drawn to work in institutions that house such people, including prisons or soup kitchens or homeless shelters.

12th House of Pisces

The twelfth house is home to Pisces and is the final evolutionary stage of the 12 zodiac houses. It is the end of winter and a time of hibernation—of serenity and  inner peace.

On the celestial clock, it is the darkest hours just before dawn. In its quiet embrace, it holds the secrets of prophecy. An inner knowing of what is to come.

It is also the house of self-undoing, of martyrdom. It is the burial ground for the past, the place of deep inner work to release the old in order to prepare the ground for new life in the Aries spring.

You can lose your sense of identity because you merge so easily with the feelings of others. The trick is to create boundaries and limits to your giving nature, least you succumb to endless self-sacrifice and ennui.

“Put on your own oxygen mask first.”

You must use the advice of those public service announcements, “Put on your own oxygen mask first.” Even when it feels “selfish.”

All this to say, you can lose touch with your inner barometer for how much is enough. This can get you in trouble with alcohol and drugs. Because you are so highly sensitive, even prescribed or over the counter medications can have an exaggerated and undesired effect.

You can so easily slip into the dreamy escapism of your boundless imagination, that fantasy blurs with reality. Especially in times when reality is harsh and cruelty in the world seems to have the upper hand.

Mystical and deeply empathic, you are a gentle soul and a savior at heart. You have a soft, considerate, tender touch.

If you can learn to give your deep compassion to yourself, you can heal and be healed while dancing beautifully across the stage of life.

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