For Aquarius

Aquarius #11

SUN in Aquarius ☀

(January 20th to February 18th, 2023)

As an airy Aquarian, you are born in the intellectual sign of the great humanitarians for mankind. You are forward-thinking, scientifically minded and quite logical.

Social justice is where you have your strongest opinions and your most rebellious calls to action. Aquarians function as guardians for the rights and equality of others.

Heartfelt connection and sympathy for human problems are part of your purpose in this lifetime and a delightful part of your charm.

You’re never lonely because your friendships are marked by:

  • unwavering loyalty
  • tolerance and acceptance
  • love without restraints

With Uranus the god of lightning as the “ruler” of Aquarius, you have originality  and innovation as you muse.

Your motto is, “Don’t fence me in!”

You refuse to be predictable or to succumb to conventionally–rebellion is in your bones!

So is the need for freedom. You have the ability to combine your brilliant intellect with the pure expression of your heart in order to give others an objective vision of a different world, a new reality.

You Live in Ivory Towers!

Although you are quite noble in your goals, you can also be cooly critical at times. You value logic and the discovery of life’s mysteries so highly that you can dismiss your feelings in order to enjoy the ivory tower heights of your intellectual ideals– this is where Aquarians get the reputation for being aloof.

You are a rebellious spirit and a committed advocate for freedom of self-expression. You will even fight for your right to be unreceptive to other people’s ideas!

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