Moon Beams

The Moon travels through all 12 zodiac signs each Lunar month, spending about two and a half days in each astrological sign--that’s at least 12 mood swings per month! The Moon in your birth chart carries the resonance of your intuition, emotions, empathy, and nurturance. The Moon is also the domain of the archetypal mother, the receptive yin energy of the divine feminine. 


Keywords: Lively, Passionate, Buoyant

“If you love me, you’ll fight with me!” Your feelings are easily inflamed–flaring-up like a sudden thunderstorm, then moving on to greener pastures. When a fiery Aries Moon is ruling your emotions, you are capricious, enthusiastic and effervescent. Lively and playful, you have the spirited exploratory nature of a teenager. Your emotional muse is Mars, the mythological god of war.  You love to win, and usually do. Hence the goddess of victory,  Nike, cheers you on your way. Arguments are soon forgotten by you–but those you’ve scorched with your temper are still scratching their heads, wondering what happened as they watch you lightly walk  away–never carrying a grudge. You won’t take kindly to interference from others–parents, teachers, lovers and even your boss. You simply don’t want to  be told what to do. You’re very independent and ready at a moment’s notice to adopt a new direction– to turn on a dime. Your motto under an Aries Moonbeam is: “Never look back.”


Keywords: Steady, Sensuous, Secure

Of all the zodiac signs, you have the Midas touch. You have a very strong emotional need to feel financially secure so that you can know that you’re safe in this world. You have money-wise common sense and an eye for beautiful things. You enjoy, and you need, to surround yourself with aesthetically pleasing art or decor.  You’re a natural curator and collector–anything from coins, stamps, photos, gold or silver!  You don’t mind working on the budget, especially if you can find the “extra” money for a spa day. You insist on having your favorite comforts around, and some self-indulgence feels just right to you (It’s a necessity!). With the Moon in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus the goddess of love, relationships and having a sense of belonging is very important to you. The Moon loves being in Taurus, the sign of the “green thumb.” This is the Moon’s best position for attracting wealth and the good things of life. 


Keywords: Expressive, Curious, Mercurial

Gemini Moonbeams bestow an emotional nature that is resourceful, quick-witted, and can turn on a dime. But, you may not slow down long enough to check in with how you really feel about something. You want to be on the move, happy to be a rolling stone. It’s a great time to enjoy travel, but you’re not too keen on waiting in line in airports or anywhere else. The Moon in Gemini gives you a wonderful emotional curiosity. If it is an otherwise stressful period, you’ll feel quite restless, fidgety and nervous. You’ll have a tendency to spread yourself too thin, due to an incessant curiosity and attraction to momentary excitement. Your inbox is likely to be full and you may not feel like stopping to return calls. A good time for socializing because you have an unusual take on an old idea and a lot to say about multiple subjects.


Keywords: Nurturing, Sensitive, Reflective

The Moon in Cancer is at her most powerful placement, lending you a depth and intensity of feeling. You’ll enjoy having time at home by the fire, with lovely aromas coming from the kitchen. Nurturing yourself and others comes naturally as you’ll have a strong maternal instinct. Cancer Moonbeams light up your domestic and family issues. You need to feel secure and you’ll seek reassurances that this is so. Your sensitivity to the moods of others is heightened—-you’re so “tuned-in” to their reactions and opinions that they become magnified in your own mind. Therefore, it is important for you to pull in, retreat to the comforts of home, and step away from the needs of others long enough to meet your own. Quiet time is a necessity, as well as surrounding yourself with loving friends and  family. 

Moon in LEO: FIRE

Keywords: Affectionate, Playful, Dramatic 

The regal Leo Lion or Lioness has no shyness about letting their feelings be known. In fact, with the Moon in Leo you’ll want to be noticed and you’re not above adding an extra dramatic flare–really big roars–to make sure that others recognize when you’re upset. In general you need others to take notice of you today. You want affection and appreciation–lots of it. You must have it, and some romance in your life too, or you’ll wither in sadness. Your deep need to love and be loved is a healthy drive under the Leo Moonbeams. It’s a time to give free hugs, and let your sunny disposition shine!


Keywords: Discerning, Practical, Cautious

It’s natural for you to be in the mood for exacting hard work. Virgo Moonbeams are perfect for closet cleaning! Your practical nature shines light on health and healing. Virgo is the sign of harvest and separating the wheat from the chaff.  Discernment is your life lesson. Neatness counts! So does cleanliness and personal hygiene. It’s a great time to start a new diet, because health is very important to you. This Virgo Moon is shy and retiring so you may prefer to work behind the scenes. You have a need to be of service to others. You’ll have a closer eye on the details, and the mistakes, so be careful not to immobilize yourself with perfectionism. Don’t become so obsessed with the trees that you forget about the forest!

Moon in LIBRA: AIR

Keywords: Gracious, Harmonious, Diplomatic

Courteous, gracious, and kind are the keywords to describe your way of being in the world under the Libra Moonbeams. Your mood is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. No matter what day it is, it’s TGIF for you! Emotional balance is of prime importance so try to keep yourself in harmonious surroundings. You want that peaceful, easy feeling. Your intuition and feelings will get processed through your thinking mind before you share it. You’re all about keeping the peace and you may be tempted to resort to insincere diplomacy or people pleasing in order to smooth out a rough patch in relationships. You want your home to be a place of beauty, even luxury, and it’s a good time for arranging social events. You have a strong sense of cooperation in your partnerships, which have primary importance now.  


Keywords: Intense, Possessive, Clairvoyant

When the Moon is in the deep unfathomable waters of Scorpio, you’ll have very strong and intense emotions which you’ll try to hold below the surface. This can fool others into thinking you’re cool, calm and collected when in reality you may be seething inside. There’s a big temptation to collect grievances, especially around feelings of jealousy. You feel quite possessive and passionate about everyone close to you and matters pertaining to your home. You have deliberate motives behind your actions, which are never superficial. It’s time to get to the bottom of a problem that’s puzzled you. You have a tendency to take things personally–so lighten-up the day with humor and a few magic tricks! And expect epiphanies from your intuitive  clairvoyance. 


Keywords: Adventurous, Zealous, Daring

The Moon in adventurous Sagittarius lifts your optimism and raises your hopes. You believe you can achieve things that on other days seemed impossible–and that’s exactly why you can! Aim high, knowing you have the daring to go with it. Your feelings can be bigger than life, and sometimes bigger than you or anyone else can keep track of. You have a love of travel, and it’s a great time for foreign travel. You’re naturally cheerful today, with plenty of enthusiasm to match your over-the-top goals. Just remember to pull in the reins once in a while for a reality check on your intuition, to make sure you’re not jumping in over your head! 


Keywords: Reserved, Grounded, Dignified

Personal dignity and a strong ambition to succeed characterize your emotions under a Capricorn Moonbeam. It’s a great time to make business decisions, especially about the marketplace. Your mood has a down to earth and rather reserved tone. You take life very seriously and you are most concerned with practical matters like success in your career. You’re steady and surefooted, and you’re willing to work hard. You’re motivated by a deep need for personal security at the same time you may feel shy and insecure about your own worth. Know that this is a day when you’re likely to be hypersensitive to criticism–especially if it’s underhanded or unfair. Your personal integrity is very high and you’ll insist on fairness.


Keywords: Keywords: Social, Sympathetic, Aloof

“Don’t fence me in!” Take a trip to the library, sign up for graduate school or hand out political flyers for equal rights. You have a generous capacity to sympathize with other people today and with the needs of humanity at large. Your freedom to come and go as you please is essential, as well as your freedom to express your feelings. You’ll enjoy an unusual mix of people and something unique may pop up in your family relationships. It’s a good day to turn your home into a gathering place for group activities.


Keywords: Empathic, Psychic, Imaginative

With the Moon in the deeply emotional waters of Pisces, you are super-sensitive. Your periods of meditation are deepened and your compassion broadened. You’ll soak up the “vibes” around you, including the feelings of others, like a psychic sponge! Therefore, you must protect yourself from disturbing environments. You’ll pick up the energy by osmosis, whether you want to or not. You may feel like withdrawing today in order to protect yourself. The very good news about the Moon in Pisces is the vivid imagination you’ll have. Fabulous for writing–especially poetry. Music and inspired art interest you now. If you can get comfortable and grounded with your mediumistic abilities to read minds, this can be a time of leaps in consciousness.

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