For Sagittarius

Sagittarius #9

SUN in Sagittarius ☀

(November 22nd to December 21st, 2022)

“Don’t Fence Me In”

A love of the outdoors is one way you satisfy your need to roam. You have some natural gypsy energy that suits your “rolling stone gathers no moss” way of being in the world.

The movie Chariots Of Fire is an example of the Sagittarius archetype. Running for the pure joy of it.

On the rare occasion (i.e. when trapped in a desk job) that you become “possessed” by ego’s monkey mind, your high standards of honesty can take a back seat to a search for immediate excitement, anyway you can. Like yelling “Fire!” just to get things moving.

Truth Teller

Straightforward and honest fly the arrows of truth from your free-spirited Sagittarian energy. You have a natural ability to utilize the power of positive thinking. Your meant to be an enthusiastic explorer of life.

Truth + Optimism = Enthusiasm

Some will call you impulsive when you blurt out an uncensored remark. But to you there’s no such thing as telling too much truth.

Plus, thinking before speaking is a waste of time!

With your Sun in Sagittarius fire you have a love of  traveling in foreign realms— either on this planet or in the higher realms of mind.

Zealous Crusader

“The emperor has no clothes on!” In its highest manifestation your Sagittarius energy motivates you to be a tell-it-like-it-is crusader—an evangelist for whatever cause stirs your spirit. Get out your soap box!

You’re an excellent teacher, and often appear to be an absent-minded professor. You shine in the realm of higher education. 

You’re rarely subtle about anything, and usually quite outspoken about the truth.

You have a knack for pole-vaulting over a sticky problem.

Occasionally impulsive, you can quickly jump to conclusions. But this often lands you smack dab in the middle of an insight that can be quite prophetic.

You have a gift for coaching teams and groups—especially athletics.

You’re a sprinter. Whether in your mind or on the earth, the nature of your Sagittarius fire is like a wildfire—

  • quick to start
  • fast to travel on to new fuel
  • hot with the friction from abrupt transformations

Your life path is one expansive adventure after another. And you’d prefer to do it all with 76 Trombones & a Big Parade.

Jovial Jupiter Is Your Muse

Aided by Jovial Jupiter, the mythological god of good fortune (and plain ol’ dumb luck!), you’ll always have a benefactor bringing you eleventh-hour help to achieve your goals.

You have a generosity of spirit, and you’ve likely learned early on that giving and receiving are one beautifully endless loop.

Friends may see you as lucky. And you are! But it’s not woo woo magic—your optimism brings good fortune.

And the money for travel. It’s your great love—especially if it takes you to foreign lands. In fact, that’s very likely where you find your mate.

You love adventure also serves to guard you own freedom. Your tagline for life might be, “Don’t Fence Me In.” This is not always compatible with making a commitment in a partnership—especially a romantic one.

Philosopher King or Queen

You have a gift for philosophy.

You embody the archetype of Plato’s Philosopher King— a leader who has a love of knowledge and the intelligence and reliability to use it well on behalf of living a simple yet profound life.

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