For Aries 

Aries #1


(March 21 – April 19, 2022)

It’s Springtime! The Vernal Equinox is the day the Sun enters pioneering Aries. New seeds are planted. It’s a new dawn!

Ready, fire, aim!

With Aries as your Sun sign, and Aries being the first of the twelve zodiac Sun signs, you’re the assertive pioneer who blazes the trail for others.

Warrior Mars,* the god of war, is the namesake for the zodiac sign of Aries, meaning his antics in mythology are the backstory for your yang energy.

daring entrepreneur

Fueled by the element fire, you sparkle with initiative, and daring.

You’re the quintessential entrepreneur. You embody the archetype of a modern day Johnny Appleseed– you plant the seeds of new possibilities, but you have no interest in staying around to watch them grow. You prefer to move on to another green pasture and leave the job of watering and tending the seeds to some else.

robust athletic prowess

Your robust athletic prowess makes you a talented sprinter or champion in a relay race. You can leave the marathons to Leo or Sagittarius fire. Symbolically, the fire energy of Aries lights the torch that is held high by the front runner who leads the olympic athletes onto the track to begin the games.

Bottom line, you go first and it’s okay if others follow, but actually you don’t really care. You definitely don’t look back to check.

butt heads with challengers

You meet challenges head-on! The Aries glyph is the horns of the Ram who leads the way with undaunted enthusiasm and a tremendous drive to make things happen. And yes, you will definitely butt heads with challengers to your authority– or anyone who tries to tell you what to do.

You’re full of creative energy and zest for life. Expansive, exciting, and truly heroic, you aggressively initiate new activities– and almost as quickly move on to the next challenge.

Since Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war, you have the nature of a conqueror—one who loves to win and usually does!


In romance, you’re love-at-first-sight! You can quickly decide what /who you want. You’ll also be the first to say “I love you!”

If your partner complains about your fast pace (you do love speed), you can remind them that this also applies to arguments. You quickly blow up, and as quickly you’re done. You move on without regret or resentment. You never hold a grudge. What a gift!

brains on fire

You’ll always have the spontaneity of a teenager, no matter what your age. Aries is Cardinal (leadership) Fire, and rules the head, giving you an inclination to be quite headstrong! And a tendency in later life to go bald–all that think-tank fire burns up the hair roots! The phrase “Move fast and break things” was coined by fellow Sun in Aries, Mark Zuckerberg.


*Mars is the Roman name for the god of war; the Greek name is Ares.

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