For Gemini

Gemini #3

SUN in Gemini ☀

(MAY 21 – June 21)

The Magician

The traits and style of your Sun Sign are how you shine in the world. It provides solar power for your purpose in this lifetime. It’s your Yang To-Do energy.

Curiosity is how you thrive

With your Sun in the intellectual air of Gemini, you have the gift of curiosity. This calls you to travel in the higher realms of thought, and to deliver the wisdom you find there to the rest of us.

You see the world and the people in it as colorful and constantly changing–just the way you like it.

Multitasking Think Tank

You’re a walking think tank, and a natural communicator. You’re not comfortable coloring inside the box. In fact, you tend to throw out the box completely.

You have a kaleidoscopic view of the world. Mixing and mashing it up comes naturally to you. You appreciate the challenge.

Variety is your spice

Variety is the spice of your life, and your insatiable curiosity has you continually looking for new ideas and unheard of words and exploratory ways to communicate.

You’re a multi-tasking nonconformist who is easily bored! You can literally juggle many ideas at one time and engage in several projects at once.

Your ingenuity and inventive imagination make you a talented writer.

Communicating is your superpower!

You’re a swift communicator because Mercury, the messenger planet, is your muse. Like that winged messenger, you’re thirsty for knowledge and deliver your ideas with a flourish.

Books, books and more books! You’re probably known for having a large library, and being a voracious reader. You’re meant to be well educated, as this helps to fulfill your life goals.

President of the Debate Club

You probably signed up for the high school debating team. Even in your youth you loved playing with words and ideas. You enjoyed winning, but that’s not the point. You’re attracted to the stimulation and the intellectual challenge it affords you.

If you make the time for it, you can be a Scrabble genius and a crossword puzzle savant.

Roller Coasters are your favorite ride

Highly adaptable and changeable, your Gemini Sun gives you mental agility and sociability that insures your success and popularity.

Gemini is an air sign, meaning it’s focus is the intellect.

Gemini functions as a mediator, with an easy ability to “argue” any side in a dispute.

You love to ride the roller coaster hands free and waving high in the air. You can  be quite flighty and the easy way you can change direction can frustrate those close to you.

Boredom is your worst nightmare

You like to engage in varied experiences in order to stimulate your mind and to ward off boredom! You’re witty and have a good sense of humor. You’d make a good teacher, but you’re a fidgety student.

You’re the master of nervous breakthroughs!

In order to avoid a nervous breakdown, you need to settle on one idea or one task once in awhile.

You have a highly developed nervous system that is prone to adrenal exhaustion. When you have it under control, you have tremendous intellectual and artistic possibilities.

You’ll never make sitting still part of your routine. In fact, you’re likely to avoid having a routine!

Having a mantra is your best tool for meditation. You need words! Yoga helps with the no-sitting-still distraction. Most often mantras and yoga practice must be preceded by the study of the mind—alpha and beta waves etc.

Your wisdom swells from life experiences—especially travel. You would be a happy and productive roving reporter. Key word roving.

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