For Taurus

Taurus #2

SUN in Taurus ☀

(April 20 – May 20, 2022)

Rock of Gibraltar

Handsome Taurus, you have a Rock of Gibraltar steadiness that keeps you on course in life and makes you a valued guide and companion for others. However you’d never want to be a Sherpa— your 5-Star taste doesn’t camp out!

Your way of being in the world is purposeful and undaunted.

Alluring but not daring

Your muse is Venus, the goddess of love and art. She bestows allure, creativity and love both to your physical body and to your relationships. You have the chiseled Greek beauty and powerful determination of a David against Goliath, and the artistry of Bernini, who gave us the sculpture of David that depicts your steadied heroic strength.

That’s not to say you don’t appreciate sensuous earthly delights — like

  • Balsamic Fig Truffles from your favorite chocolatiere waiting on your fluffed down pillow at the end of the day.
  • Sleeping-in on those golden thread 1000 count sheets.
  • Breakfast in bed is a given ~ with Tupelo Honey for your tea.

With Venus as your primary influence and muse, you are fond of comfort, pleasure, and the erotic way of life.

You will quite naturally surround yourself with luxury, which is a necessity for you! You enjoy collecting things that are of value, either financially or aesthetically—few things come in second to money in the bank!

money in the bank!

Have you noticed that the symbol of Wall Street is your Taurus Bull? That oversized sculpture depicts a bull, the symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity, leaning back on its haunches with its head lowered—ready to charge.”

You can be quite stubborn, as well as being steady, loyal, and kind.

Your Taurus Sun gives you an inclination toward the practical, down-to-earth matters of life, making you good with finances–especially other people’s money. However, greed is not your motivation for accumulating wealth, which you undoubtedly will.

Your real purpose for wanting money is the security it brings.

Loyal and possessive, particularly in relationships, you have a powerful emotional nature. You have your own way of doing things, and people who are close to you would be wise not to interfere with the Taurus bull.

You’re strong-willed, and you can really dig your heels in when you think you’re being pushed.

A Green Garden Thumb

You face the world with unarmored faith, and you draw your strength and inspiration from the luscious gardens of mother nature’s cornucopia.

Your focus in life is the cultivation and accumulation of resources, which you will grow with your famous Green Thumb. You provide a purposeful, productive and stabilizing influence for yourself, those close to you, and for society at large.

Most of all, you live your life fully immersed in beauty!

Spiritual Strength of Taurus

If your Sun or Ascendant is in the sign of Taurus, your purpose is to teach, and therefore learn, how profound the human need for beauty really is–that deep longing mankind feels for the nameless aesthetic that animates and inspires  our spirit.

For you, that often manifests through physical form–through the body. Through the loving and magnetic touch of your soles to the soil, you experience the natural way you are connected to the world wide web of roots seeking nutrients — the intricate network that connects and supports the growth of all living things.

You’re no ordinary gardener! You are drawing up the wisdom from Gaia to save our planet in its hour of need. If you accept this spiritual challenge, you can work at the razor’s edge of needed reforms.

What a perfect time for you to have taken birth, just as a renewed surge of honoring the power of Mother Nature is finding expression. New fields like Biomimicry are taking root.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Rumi

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